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At its core, making money online as an affiliate marketer is actually pretty simple. You refer a sale and you get paid a commission. That’s it. 

There are tons of ways to accomplish that, but the problem is most people overcomplicate it.

Our method on the other hand is dead simple. We’ve personally never seen a simpler, faster way to make affiliate commissions that can scale up, and we want to make this process as simple as possible for you too.

Because we know, contrary to popular belief, if you want to make a lot of money online:


  • You DO NOT need to have your own product or service
  • You DO NOT need any experience
  • You DO NOT need a bunch of money to get started

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, as you’ll see in a minute, it’s extremely simple and anyone can do this, regardless of your background.

The profit potential of this system is enormous. When done right, making money online is easy.

We have put together what must be the most comprehensive affiliate marketing solution ever released and provides all the key components required to get started TODAY with nothing left out.

EVERYTHING Below Is Already Set-Up For You - Simply..
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Step 1

Share high converting Lead Capture offers

Getting people's email in return for a freebie is getting harder and gone are the days of providing a 5-page report.

We provide a built-in library of 80 reports covering all the popular topics and niches.

Each report is professionally produced with an average of 30 pages of quality content.


Step 2

“Done for You” follow-up autoresponder messages do the selling for you

Crafting email campaigns to both build engagement and sell is something most marketers find a challenge so with the 30 done for you campaigns you never need to worry about email copy

You get 30, complete 7 day follow up campaigns professionally crafted to convert!


Email marketing is a process and time should be taken to build up trust and respect

It's important your new subscriber views you as an authority as soon as possible and the content provided in the done for you emails is designed for this very purpose.

We have provided no less than 30 done for you, 7-day campaigns in all the major online marketing niches

What Our Users Are Saying:

This is the best online business I've ever seen. 

Anna Smith - CEO, Incorp

I'm staring at my coffee right now. I should have got the double espresso.

Marc Jacobs - Manager

Don't Hesitate, Get Started Today!

There is no question that creating a high converting sales funnel provides the best return on any marketing investment

With a proven sales funnel you just send the traffic and sit back and watch the magic happen

The funnel converts visitors to subscribers and then into buyers

The follow up funnel sequence of emails or back end funnel sells multiple products to your buyers and subscribers on auto-pilot and this is how the big marketers make daily profits

You create a funnel once and reap the rewards week after week

The only issue with this model is it can take forever if you are trying to do it all on your own or it can cost a fortune to get something made for you

If you like the sound of creating automated income over and over and don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself take a look at our automated sales machine

It really is the most comprehensive sales funnel you will ever see

It comes as a complete ready to go package and includes

  •  Squeeze pages
  •  Lead magnets,
  • Trip wire offers,
  •  OTO upsells
  • 4 further high value products
  • 30 days email follow up messages loaded in to your autoresponder
  • Everything uploaded to your own server
  • PayPal buy buttons
  • And 1 on 1 email support for a full month

Click the link below to get the details and read the real customer testimonials, it really is as hands free as it gets to generate automated income but time is limited because of the work required we can only create a maximum of 5 funnels per month and at this offer price today, it will sell out fast

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